brake assembly

brake assembly
гальмівний вузол [пристрій, механізм]

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  • brake assembly — noun The collective replacement parts used to repair an automobiles worn down brakes. Syn: brake pads, brake shoes …   Wiktionary

  • brake drum — n. 1. a heavy metal covering fitted over an automotive brake assembly and fastened to the axle: used in a braking system (drum brakes) in which internal brake shoes are pushed outward to contact the spinning drum from the inside: see DISC BRAKE 2 …   English World dictionary

  • brake shoes — The components of a drum brake assembly that are surfaced with brake lining and forced against the brake drum to generate friction …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • brake hose — A flexible high pressure hose that is reinforced. It connects between the brake pipes and the brake assembly. It needs to be flexible because of the constant movement of the suspension …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Brake lining — Brake linings are the consumable surfaces in braking systems, especially those used in vehicles.tructure and functionBrake linings are composed of a relatively soft but tough and heat resistant material with a high coefficient of dynamic friction …   Wikipedia

  • Brake-by-wire — Drive by wire technology in automotive industry replaces the traditional mechanical and hydraulic control systems with electronic control systems using electromechanical actuators and human machine interfaces such as pedal and steering feel… …   Wikipedia

  • brake pressure modulator valve — (BPMV) a combined assembly of the electronic control unit and hydraulic control unit, used in tome GM vehicles, Also called the Electro Hydraulic Control Unit (EHCU) …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Disc brake — Close up of a disc brake on a car On automobiles, disc brakes are often located with …   Wikipedia

  • Drum brake — A drum brake with the drum removed as used on the rear wheel of a car or truck. Note that in this installation, a cable operated parking brake uses the service shoes …   Wikipedia

  • Bicycle brake — Animation of a single pivot side pull calliper brake for the rear wheel of a steel framed road bike. A bicycle brake is used to slow down or stop a bicycle. There have been various types of brake used throughout history, and several are still in… …   Wikipedia

  • segmented-rotor brake — A heavy duty multiple disc brake used on large, high speed aircraft. Stators, surfaced with a material that retains its friction properties at high temperatures, are keyed to the axle. The rotors, keyed into the wheel, are made in segments to… …   Aviation dictionary

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